Causes and Consequences of NPLs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Banking Sector

Kemal Kozaric, Emina Zunic

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS115111

An Overview of Small and Medium-Sized Banking Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emira Kozarevic, Meldina Kokorovic Jukan, Amra Softic

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11519

A Review of Service and E-Service Quality Measurements: Previous Literature and Extension

Emel Yarimoglu Kursunluoglu

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS115110

The Role of Intercultural Communication Competence on Service Reliability and Customer Satisfaction

Ali Ihtiyar, Fauziah Sh. Ahmad

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11518

Investigating Croatian Inflation through the Cointegration with Structural Break Approach

Lena Malešević Perović

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11517

Effects of the Demographic Changes on Private Consumption: An Almost Ideal Demand System Analysis for Austria

Birgit Aigner-Walder

Pages 50-70 | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11515

Real Exchange Rate and Real Economic Fundamentals in Transition Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH)

Adisa Omerbegović Arapović

Pages 70-100 | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11516

Price Related Constructs’ Effects on Daily Deal Buying Behavior in Turkey

Hilal Asil, Hilal Özen

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11514

Fighting Poverty from the Street: Perspectives of Some Female Informal Sector Workers on Gendered Poverty and Livelihood Portfolios in Southern Ghana

Thomas Yeboah, Lucy Owusu, Albert A. Arhin, Emmanuel Kumi,

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11511

Soap Opera Effect on Product Preferences in Terms of Country Image: A Case of Turkish TV Serials in Albanian Market

Yüksel Köksal, İçöz Gjana Nihal

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11513

JECOSS Accepted Papers

Possibilities of Development of Private Health Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Safet Kozarević, Senija Nuhanović, Irnela Hrnjić

DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS11512

Accepted Papers