Volume 7


Issue 1

JECOSS Volume 7 Issue 1

Determinants of International Tourism Flows to the Republic of Croatia: An SUR Analysis of Panel Data from 1993-2015

Deichman, Joel and Danyang, Liu

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS17711

Hiring a High-quality Auditor and debt maturity structure: Evidence from Iranian firms

Ahmadi, Mobina and Gerayli, Mehdi Safari

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS17721

Financial Monitoring of Medication Consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kozarević, Emira, Đonlagić Alibegović, Sabina and Krdžalić, Tatjana

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS17718

Tourism demand, oil price fluctuation, exchange rate and economic growth: Evidence from ARDL model and Rolling window Granger causality for Tunisia

Dhaoui, Abderrazak and Sekrafi, Habib and Ghandri, Mohamed

Pages . | DOI: doi: 10.14706/JECOSS17712

The EU Cohesion Policy’s Impact on Regional Economic Development: The Case of Bulgaria

Moraliyska, Monika

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS17713


Issue 2

JECOSS Volume Issue 2

Performance of Moving Average Investment Timing Strategy in UK Stock Market: Individual Stocks versus Portfolios

Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmad, Wang Ghohui, Mudassar Hasan, Anika Sattar, Muneeb Ahmad, Ramiz Ur Rehman

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECOSS17722

Labour Market Transition Differences between Natives and Immigrants in EU Economies

Valerija Botric

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JE COSS17723

Internal Migration and Social Identity Construction: Implications for Prejudice and Stigma in Albanian Post-socialist Society

Merita H. Meçe

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JE COSS17724

Determinants of the Financing Obstacles Faced by SMEs: An Empirical Study of Emerging Economies

Mirgul Nizaeva, Ali Coşkun

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECO SS17725

Bilateral Intra-Industry Trade in Country Characteristics Context: The Case Study of Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia

Snježana Brkić

Pages . | DOI: 10.14706/JECO SS17726